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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"



nund tlmt the Union hnd
i'i| IVniij them sn l,n.

.n»i-.,ii^'M\iim»'i'n-nwn.    infi

n Mi.ili l'i Mill- -Mill" Maxilnni- Sabli.«, AInrlm.ifl.ir,

v   ,'.ii'» Hi-d   iiml'i-  -i i Hun   Hiib) n| the Indiiin

annual return  For HIP yp.ir i-nrlp«l with the 31 M. Muvi-h. 1 % I, by Hi,

tJup    under   Pni

reurn    or   I       .r i-                                       .         ,

nriwi'ibpd flute, m. HIP 3lfit of July, 1054, nntJup under H
10(6) of the TuiLi-m Trnr|p Onions Art, 1020, whereby tfiyeii to
Wrest JWazdnor Union JJnfflu'aM, Uarhw.il. to H!IOW fa use
thp uiidL'iMnned on nr hi-forp tin- expiry nf two mniithb linm
date of rpi'pipl nHhis jiolli-n. why Hu- CisH ilif.itP nl Ui^ihiiu
iriimpdluil'HhrjuW not heniinriellerl,

V'TIT M-,  till*   K.iudiiU  Sniwr Mill  L.ibnur   Union,  Amrohn.

t,'    .( "i i 1'i.idi- r'u'nii undi rnn  424 uf the year 1947-48  hay

,' Mim-li't'l'.. lii'Tn I" "1 ""MI ion JS of tho Inili.tn Trade Unions Act,

'|M'*> 'XVI ut I'lJ")   i'"-)d \\ith   ri'iruKiurin  17   nf the .Rnnulatioiis

ii'Mi'Iiial'-'I iiru fur r'J- V'"'''' ' "l'"1"' "'"'i *""' "''st ila" lu ] illUl b>"thl'

ni rho hi.li.m rLMdi-Uniiiii-i-VMt. llUti i-. JiiiiiliyM»"iitijHii'Kiudan
Su-jj Hi II Uli""r L'niuii, Amnili.1, tn -.hnM cau^u tn the iijirlpr-
',i.,7i-»l on nrb-ron'bin i vijirvut tw.iinumlii finm the rl.ite of ro-
,. Ft ni rlii-ii'iiif '• ^h\ ill-' Ci'i'titn ,it. nf RpuistiMtinnirr.mted tn it

\VnrncAh tliu r T. B-\nk fimjiloyi ei1 Union, Kanpur, registered
Tr I'tf rni'jit umJ* rnn. .ISS of tho vi-nr 1JW8-49, linn committed

i lli,. > •!, nl -..ftiun 2t "I thp Indian Trade Unions Act, J02G (XVI
uf !nJ*il. iv.id with -u^ul.tiiiiii 17 oftht- Rwful.itioiih undor tho said

Y/'t bv fading tn submit, to tlu1 undoisiynod rt oorrapt annual return,
r.n- thV vi-.a- »'Hrli-11 with thp UI ->t ir^i t'hi 1 ''.14, by the presoribpd date,
U/.. tho'Jlit otJnly, Ifl.i4. ii-jtii'i'iinilri- t'ptiou H>(/j) of tho Indian
Tnd" Uninn-3 Art, "|(I2(J is hereby {riven tn thp U 1J Bunk Kra-
iitiA>••-' Uni'Hi, K.inpni1. ti)-«lin\v <'iui->r> to thr iindpmijnelon orbeiore
\i,," i^in.v of ru.i months funn tho dato of i-Pccipt of this notice,
'vliv rl;.' f'i rM'k'.it" ot tti>iii-1r.itKJH ur.iniod fo it should not be i-an-
1.. ll'. if'

\Virrni1 v-, thi' SLVIPMI'V nf Zihi DhJiiifi Union, Gorakhpur, rcgis-
r, i.-d it ^ Trad<- I'nn.n, undei nu. ti51 of 1D48-4H was asked, vide
mv oiiiu" !<-riT nn. .j5S«-T-Tr.)8H. dated the Jllth July.
M.l.'il, TO jii'i-mt hmiM'lf with all the necchnnry pnpeis
Fur LiiMi< i titjii m tl» nmei1 ot the Jteijioiiul Conciliation
i)<iii.''M, (JnniUipui1. nn the 7th Augusi. 1!),74. The
Ui.'/i.ii'.il ruii'ikition OHurr, (,or.ikhpiu, had also informed
th.' nidi i r- iiftli" Union ior ni-spei him but no represent fit ivu of tliti
Uni'iii j:it'-"iiti.'d Ji'iniplf for the inspection. T« arklition to thia,
t^c L.iNoiii' In-pp^t'ir, GoriifclLpiir. hail u,hn mnrfp an onqiiirj' dbout
Ki«' 1-Yi-ti.uicH uf tliH Union Liiid found that the office of the Union
i lid not p\ist .it the address rpai^tered in my oliice During Jii^ ins-
IH--nan n<'iHu r the Pie.-=ideiit nor the Soeretary had turned up.
I'll- ii'jftpi.1 lliH .Spcivtary wa-i uddres-,pd a letter no. 7027/T-TI-5S6,
d.ifd the 2Jnd Si'ptcmhpr. 1!M4, to preypnt himself with all tho
rcli'iMiit iv(or>Js ior inspection in my office on the 27th
Si-pt,'i:ihpr. l'i"'4. Even then tliciV wai no reply from the Union
•n,i uid ,iii\ r- pirJi-nt.itivn pjTPNPiitpd himself On thp date of
m-p'vtum. TI.II> it appe.ir* that the Union has now censed

Asm wuca^v^ tUn a'vi\o Uninn h.is committed a breach of
.ci:'on J^ of rhf» Indi in Tradp Uninns Apt, 1926 fXVI of 1926)
.ni'l rpi'«l.it'on 17 fjf tin' llmL'ulation--1 under the q,iid Act, by failing
ta -•ibuit to tin- undt rsioiii-d a L-orrect annual return fur the year          KANPUB, •

•n.l'im Ihc Slst M.ir.-h,   in,U, liy the prpncriherL date, vi/:. the SlFt     December 23. 1034.
or .lii'y. |1>"*4.

Ttu^.uruiiL:, s nntioc niidt-r seution 10(6) of the Indian Trade
Un mi- Aat. l'ij<i. i-s li* ivliy £(iven to the Zila Bluingi Union, Gorakh-
iiiir. tn *\i iw c.vi^ tn tin-' uncU'isigncd on or before the expiry of two
inn iMn iVui-i tl > «l,it»' nf rrceipr ot this notice, why the Certificate
nf P. ^istr.uion urantod t j it should not bo caiieellpcl as the Union
".'•> iwv ' M-. I r-i pvi*.t tiinl it hfi4 c-ontravtned HPPtion ^l> of thP

WIIBIIBAS ibp North Eastern Tl.iilw.iy Muzdoor Union,
pur, registered as a Ti.ide Union under no. 1244 of thn yoav 10113
has committed a hreadi of section 28 of tho lad inn Trndu Un.^,
Apt, lOjG (SVl ot 1!)^6), ie,id with rpgulatinn 17 of thn RipRiilutioiw
under tho said Apt by fn'hnR to subjnit to tho iimlprM^ned it eorppi't
anniidl return for the year ended wfLh the 7)1 Hi. ^liivnh, l!)i)4,
by thu prescribed date, viz. the ;llst nf July, I!).'i4, nnliee under
fleution 10(6) of the Indian Tivido Uniona Apt, lf'20. IH hernliy givon
to thn North Eastern Bailway Mazdoor Union, Cinr.iklipur, tri
Mow cause to the undersigned on or beforothp expiry "f two nnnlliH
from tlic date Of rceeipfc of this notice, why thu Cpviifiniti' nT Renis-
tration grantcrl to it should not be pa-npellpd.

WHEHEA1* tho U. P. Hahkavi Bank Kavmeliari Hangh, Lucknow,
i-pgiaterrd an a Ti'ado Union undL'v nu. 113.1 oi tho ycnv 1IM2-G3,
has committpd a bivai'h of spctioii 28 o( thp Indian Trurli- LTniniia
Act, 1026 (31V1 of 1020), re.id witb regulation 1 7 of thn RpwulationB
under the said Act by fitilirur tn Hubmit to tho nndprfii^nnd n, t'orvert
annual return for the year piided with thp Slat Mnrt-h, 10,14, by thn
prcflrrihed date, viz tin1 3lHt of July, 10)54, nnlirn iiudPi1 Hi-etinu
10(6) of HIP Indian Ti^tli- Unioiw Act, 1026 is hernby jjiynulo tllu
TJ. P. Sulikdi-i Bank Karnaohiiri Sunfth, Lnrknow, to nhow r-ftiiNn
tn the undornigned on or before thp pxpny of twn pniithn IVom tlin
date of n-ccipt'of this notice, wbV tho Ccrtificiitc of
gi'nutpd to it should.not ho uuncelled.

WHEBEVH tho Honiery Workei-H1  Union, Lunknow,  icfiiHLernd
as a. Trade Um0ii under no. 343 nf tho yenr 11)47-48, has cojnmifclcd
u breanh ot aection 28 of tho Jndiufi Trade Uninns Act, U)2U fXVJ
oi 1926) read with regulation 17 nl the Tlpgul.tiioiiH under thu Haul
Act hy lading to suh.iiit to the iinderRigned a t-nrroc'b annual return
for the ye.-ir pnded with the 31nt Mnroh, 1054, hy the pniHeribed !
dutp, viz. the 31at of July, 1054, notico under BPt-tion 10(6)  nf  thn  '
Trade Unions Act,  1020, ie hereby gix-en to the DoHwry   Workerw
Union. Lueknow, to nhuwcaiiHi* to the nndprsigned on or bplurn tho
pxphy of two months from tho date of rcunipt  nf this iintire,  why  >
the Certificate ot Registration grantpd to it should not be rancc'llcYl.

_                                                           1

WHEHEAS the C'hini Mill Shra^njivi iSangh, Chhitauni, distrJ(>t :
Deoria, registered as a Tradp Union under no. 1079 of tho year 1952. !
53, lias committed a breach of section 28 of tho Indian Tnulo Unions
Act, 1926 ( XVI of 1926), read with regulation 17 of thu llegulntions
under the aaid Act by failing to submit to thu undersigned n, correct
annual return for the year ended with the 31 st March, 19fl4, by the
prescribed date, viz.   the Slat of July, I9.'i4, notipp under section
10(Zi) of the Indian Trade Union*, Act, 192(i, IH herehy given  tn thp
Chim   Mill Shraffljivi Sangh,  dibitauni, difltriot Dponn, to   show
cause to the nndevsigned on or before the expiry of two monthn fmjn  '
the date of receipt of thia notice, why thn CcrLifleato nf l'ti«j>iHtr,itioii
granted to it should not be eanpplled.



Criminal Revision no. 142 of 1954
In tJif matter of —
Dandiswami, HrishikeNh Anhram                          ..    Petitioner,

\Vt'i:c&J.i tho S'lop* and Commercial Eatablishment Employoeg'
Union. LurkiKnr,registered as a Trade Union imdprno. 1077 of the
AV tr 111,13-5.1, has committed a breech of spt-tion 2S of the Indian
TfJ.1-1 Unions Act, 1926 (XVI of 1026), read with regulation 17 of
ch«R*ffiiln!inn*unitothf»qaul Art by failing: to submit to tho un-
iliTM^Ard a norrrect annual roturn for the "year ended with the
3l«t itareli. Iftnt, l,y thp ph-BPribeil date, viz., the Slat of July, 1954,

-»-• i----iipt oftlusnotiee,

tml to it shouhl not be can-

thp    Forritt   Mazdoor Union,  Kotdwwa, Qarhwtl
M A Trrtde \Tnion imtW »o.   1349 ofthe


,                 Q          , ttji   w

Mnrterthe «ud Act by tailing to

ath Pantley and nthcru


FTo— Kashinath Miwa, village Babhanauh  at prospnt
dietnct Balha, UP.

TAKE notice that the above Revision has been filed by the Tjoti-
tioner against the order passed by Sri S. JSf. Verms, Magistrate,
Bhabiu, under section. 145, Or. P. C., and that you all have not
entered appearance as yet m thia Court. You are as such hereby
directed to appear m this Ooiirt at 10.30 a.m on 27th ft
seventh) day of January, 1955, failing which tho matter
hoard and decided w mrte in vour absenco.

pane m your absence.



l day of

2nd AMI 'District and Sespict.s
•Judys, ArraK